The quick answer is: however you'd like! My coaching sessions are usually spent helping clients prepare for upcoming auditions, but I am flexible to whatever acting coaching you may want! In addition to coaching you, I will help you find ways to best market yourself and give you tools to tackle the text outside of our sessions. 

What does a session look like?

This part is absolutely up for discussion. I believe in accessible arts education (as well as sustaining myself), so let me know your budget and we'll work something out! If interested, you can reach me below or through my "Contact" page.

How much does it cost?

I have worked as an actor in both the San Fransico Bay Area and Chicago, and have trained at some of the top acting programs in the country: DePaul University and American Conservatory Theatre. This training has exposed me to various methods of approaching the work, all of which are at your disposal to personalize your coaching session! I also hold a B.A. in Theatre & Performance Studies from UC Berkeley, which has kept me well-read on different acting methodologies and equipped to find work that meets your needs.

Why Vero?

Audition Coaching

Private Yoga Lessons

Whether you're someone starting yoga from scratch or someone trying to refine their practice, we will work together to help your body move more efficiently. 

We'll start your session addressing how you're physically feeling and what you'd like out of the day's practice. From there, I'll introduce you to exercises to improve your alignment and leave you with tips moving forward. 

For beginners, I will guide you through yoga basics and we will work from there!

If you want a better feel for my style, join me for my group class at The Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center.

What does a session look like?

Single Visits:

60 mins: $60

30 mins: $35

Student rate:

60 mins: $50

30 mins: $25

How much does it cost?

On top of my yoga certification from CorePower, my MFA in Acting has exposed me to different movement modalities like Bartenieff Fundamentals and The Feldenkrais Method, the latter of which I have dedicated time outside of class studying with a local practitioner. Undoubtedly, I would bring this knowledge to our sessions! As someone who personally deals with scoliosis of the spine, I will also be sensitive to any asymmetries, chronic or acute pain, and conditions that you may be working with. Together, we will learn how to work with your body rather than against it. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you. Namaste!

Why Vero?

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