"Acting for Zoom has proved challenging for many actors, but Ms. Maynez is at once vulnerable, conflicted, assured, lost, peaceful and, most of all, constantly in discovery. Her reactions are so organic that it makes playwright Noelle Viñas’s naturalistic, slice-of-life dialogue shine...I would come back just to see Maynez; she really is a wonder."

-Tony Frankel, stageandcinema.com

"'Feel the Spirit' follows a young gay Latina pastor, Gabriella (terrific Vero Maynez)...It is refreshing to experience a contemporary play that portrays religious faith with purity, conviction and honesty. When Vero Maynez, as Gabby, looks directly into the camera and smiles broadly and virtuously, it’s compelling. We genuinely believe that she believes. It is a tribute to Vero Maynez’s talent and the vision of Noelle Viñas, the playwright. "

-Emily S. Mendel, Berkeleyside

"Vero Maynez as Gabriela is vivacious and compelling."

-Nicole Gluckstern, KQED


october PLAYLETS

"Both Pounders and Maynez (who is Chicago-based, another perk of casting an online production) create entirely real characters within the few life-of-a-Mayfly minutes they have. I always want to see more of the versatile Pounders — and will now add Maynez to my “actors to watch” list."

-Jan Farrington, Theatre Jones